Online store design and supply chain optimization

About the company

The retail chain in this case study has over 100 stores in Belgium and Luxembourg and an annual turnover of roughly 90 million euros.

Industry: Retail
Project duration: 6 months



In pursuit of continuous improvement and development, the CEO wanted to spark a true business transformation within the existing organizational structure. A swift and successful integration of e-commerce as an additional pillar to the existing business model was a key requirement for this endeavour. Simultaneously, existing supply chain operations required further optimization. Warehouse inventory was too high, whilst in-store availability numbers occasionally hiccuped, indicating forecasting issues.



The management team decided to rely on Essensys for the selection of an experienced Business Transformation Manager that would help to bring structure and substance to the organizational reform. Our Supply Chain Manager designed a new omnichannel strategic plan from the ground up and subsequently implemented the necessary changes into the organizational framework.



In a mere six months’ time, Essensys Executive Interim Manager Anthony D. led the team to:

  • Develop a brand-new online store concept - an exceptional feat in such a short time-frame, considering the project size and the 25,000 stock-keeping units (SKUs) in the company’s catalogue,
  • Decrease inventory levels by 9% while improving availability of SKUs on the shop floor to over 97%,
  • Reduce warehouse staff by over 10% whilst maintaining productivity and service levels,
  • Improve the performance of the business intelligence unit through smart hiring of new team members.